Deeply Dedicated to the New Orleans Community


As a non-profit organization, Lyrica Baroque is dedicated to giving back to New Orleans, promoting the significant historical contribution to classical music and the powerful musical culture that thrives in the city, and has for 300 years now.

Our Mission

The mission of Lyrica Baroque is to support a diverse community of students, teachers, artists, institutions and audiences of all ages through education, collaboration and performance. Lyrica Baroque seeks to promote the extraordinary classical musical history of New Orleans by performing accessible chamber and baroque music at the highest level of artistic excellence.

The Power of Language
These three 3-day workshops use music to facilitate social-emotional learning and aid in stronger writing skills as well as personal voice. Local educators collaborate with Lyrica Baroque musicians to explore the topics of tone and mood through teaching and live musical performance. The program is targeted for 3rd-6th graders, but can be modified for any age. Each session is an hour in length. Journals and a snack are provided. The Power of Language is generously supported by the New Orleans Theater Association and the Threadhead Cultural Foundation.


“As musicians we have tools that allow us to express some of our deepest emotions. These tools are not unlike those that writers have to delve into the human psyche and condition. With the power of music to introduce writing concepts and techniques, we are able to arm the students with their own tools to explore their own psyches. The depth and level of emotional connectivity they are able to reach as a result is powerful and transformative for everyone in the room. When the students share their vignettes with the class, they take ownership of themselves and their emotions in a way that is rare to see in children of that age, let alone any adult.

One student was reading his writing through tears. He along with the rest of the class had been asked that day to go deeper with his writing – to add detail and color, just as a musician does to notes of music. The rest of the class listened attentively. I then played the opening of Bruch’s Scottish Fantasy. At that point another student who had been guarded and emotionally resistant for the first couple of days began to shed tears, as the combination of story telling and music had allowed her to open up and connect to something of her own. That is empathy. It was amazing.”

– Gabrielle Fischler, Teaching Artist and Community Director

Sample writing from one of our residencies:

“Run, run, run! It caught her and him and those two as well. Boy do I have a story to tell. As I was running I fell. It took my friends. All four. Every time. I moved. I heard foot steps. Then I was in my bedroom. For the fourth time!!! Seriously! But it was weird. There was too much black shadows. It smelled like fish and the things I touched felt so real. I saw strange beings. No, beings at the sight. A shadow figure. It’s voice sounded like an old lady speaking backwards. Saying “tunnel go to”. I couldn’t tell what time of day it was. Was it a vision of something? This place was too dark and I was chased. I now know that shadow woman was the demon in my sleep.”

-Eisenhower Academy of Global Studies 4th Grade Student

NOLA Chamber Fest

Lyrica Baroque is proud to present NOLA Chamber Fest, an annual musical competition in collaboration with the New Orleans Friends of Music. NOLA Chamber Fest encourages and inspires musicians of all ages and enhances their studies.

“I loved the masterclass!! It was good for the group to get the reinforcement on issues that we can improve and it was great to get validation from such an acclaimed group of musicians.”
– NOLA Chamber Fest 2017 Participant

“For a group such as ours, taking part and doing well represents a significant step forward for us and all of my members were proud and appreciative. The prize money will help me to add to our music library significantly, and the experience at the masterclass was just as valuable and enjoyable.”
– NOLA Chamber Fest 2017 Participant