Deeply Dedicated to the New Orleans Community


As a non-profit organization, Lyrica Baroque is dedicated to giving back to New Orleans, promoting the significant historical contribution to classical music and the powerful musical culture that thrives in the city, and has for 300 years now.

Our Mission

The mission of Lyrica Baroque is to support a diverse community of students, teachers, artists, institutions and audiences of all ages through performance, education and collaboration. Lyrica Baroque seeks to promote the extraordinary classical musical history of New Orleans by performing accessible chamber and baroque music at the highest level of artistic excellence.

Lyrica New Orleans

By performing concerts for children in public and charter schools, Lyrica Baroque provides a unique cultural experience for New Orleans youth and other members of the community who have never been exposed to the arts. The focus of these concerts is to introduce the joy of classical music to students, and give students an opportunity for musical enrichment, focus and discipline, and personal and artistic creativity and expression.

NOLA Chamber Fest

Lyrica Baroque is proud to present NOLA Chamber Fest, an annual musical competition in collaboration with the New Orleans Friends of Music. NOLA Chamber Fest encourages and inspires musicians of all ages and enhances their studies.