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2021 NCF Registration and Recording Resources


Where to find chamber music on the web

  • Earsense is an online chamber music database, which has customizable search options like nationality and gender of the composer, ensemble type, key signature, and dates of composition. The listing for each work includes helpful tools like links to scores and recordings and a glossary of terms.
  • Educational Music Service is an online music company with sheet music of all kinds. They have a wonderful inventory and exceptional customer service. 
  • gives you free access to thousands of pieces of music in the public domain (not under copyright). The site is fully searchable, and you can also browse by category including an instrumentation category.
  • Trevco Music This website has a wonderful feature that allows you to search for pieces of music by plugging in the specific instrumentation (for ensembles including at least one double reed instrument).
  • JDW Sheet Music offers a diverse selection of pieces for any type of ensemble including woodwind quintet, oboe trio, flute quartet, and brass quintet. JDW also produces custom transcriptions for anyone involved with a unique chamber ensemble. For more information, please contact Jessica Wilkins (


Where to hear live chamber music in New Orleans

Local Educational Opportunities


Local Educators Available for Coaching

New Orleans has many wonderful musicians and educators eager to help your ensemble. If you are looking for a coach, send us an email with your name and contact information. We can help connect you to these passionate educators!

  • Bruce Owen, Assistant Principal Viola
    Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Amelia Clingman – Viola

If you are a coach and would like your name and/or contact information listed here, please email us! 

Lyrica Baroque does not have the capacity to organize and establish ensembles. However, we are eager to help as much as we can. Please contact us with any questions!

National Educational Opportunities


University Resources
If you are enrolled in a degree program, your university may have funding opportunities to help with travel costs.

City Foundations
Most cities have a general foundation (i.e. Greater New Orleans Foundation) that may have grant opportunities for individual artists. Check your local foundation for resources. 

Grant Writing
The Writing Center – University of Wisconsin

Grant Opportunities


Additional Resources

Music Inclusion Coalition – striving to make the study of music more accessible and inclusive through advocacy, technology, and support as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) students move from high school to the collegiate level so that they have opportunities to pursue music as a career.

Any travel costs associated with NOLA Chamber Fest are the responsibility of the competing ensemble. NFC is available to help with ideas for fundraising, housing and travel needs. If you have additional questions please contact Jaren Atherholt at