The Power of Language

Fostering social-emotional discovery through chamber music

The Power of Language


The Power of Language is a chamber music centered social-emotional learning program, dedicated to strengthening the voices of New Orleans’ next generation.


We believe…

  • in the power of arts integrated learning and emotional exploration to provide a safe foundation from which to engage with the world.
  • that creating a safe emotional environment is essential for developing resilience, empathy, and a secure sense of self. 
  • in developing love and appreciation for the arts and classical music through live performance and collaborative education. 
  • in creating a diverse and inclusive space for all.



The Power of Language is an education program designed and implemented by Lyrica Baroque in partnership with musicians, music therapists, psychologists, local New Orleans’ educators and schools. It was created from a deep belief that music is a language that can connect us to the full spectrum of human emotions on a profound level. The program integrates chamber music, music therapy, and developmental psychology to create an emotionally safe space for students. Workshops use arts integration techniques to foster joyful and meaningful education, enhancing the quality of learning and increasing retention. Our team guides elementary students through activities involving verbal and non verbal language that allow students the freedom to discover and explore the role emotions play in their daily lives. Students learn to identify and understand emotions, develop coping strategies, strengthen a sense of self, and become more effective communicators. 2020 residencies include workshops with second graders at several New Orleans elementary schools.



Music Coordinator

Executive Director

Power of Language Program Manager and Cellist

Community Coordinator, POL Director and Violinist



  • Matthew Daniel
    Technical Writing, New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School
  • Michael Fischler, PhD
  • Roxanne Fischler
    Teacher, Redding Connecticut Elementary
  • Maurya W. Glaude, PhD, MSW, LCSW
    Tulane School of Social Work
  • Brittany Lindsey
    Owner, Master Minds Private Tutoring
  • Tiffany Lewis
    English Teacher, Benjamin Franklin High School
  • Welbie Prinston Tabet, MT-BC
    Music Therapist
  • Becca Stone and Molly Guinan
    Crescent City Music Therapy


“The Power of Language program truly transformed the way my students think about their emotions. My students learned about how to identify their feelings, communicate them, and relate them to Music. The instructors taught our students strategies for how to self-regulate and gave them a true appreciation for what it means to communicate through the Arts and through word!”
– Mattie Eason, Music Teacher and Enrichment Coach, KIPP Leadership Primary


Sample writing from one of our residencies:

“Run, run, run! It caught her and him and those two as well. Boy do I have a story to tell. As I was running I fell. It took my friends. All four. Every time. I moved. I heard foot steps. Then I was in my bedroom. For the fourth time!!! Seriously! But it was weird. There was too much black shadows. It smelled like fish and the things I touched felt so real. I saw strange beings. No, beings at the sight. A shadow figure. It’s voice sounded like an old lady speaking backwards. Saying “tunnel go to”. I couldn’t tell what time of day it was. Was it a vision of something? This place was too dark and I was chased. I now know that shadow woman was the demon in my sleep.”
– Eisenhower Academy of Global Studies 4th Grade Student



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