School Programs

Fostering social-emotional discovery through chamber music

School Programs


A chamber music centered social-emotional learning program, dedicated to strengthening students’ capacity to express themselves, regulate their emotions, and increase their mental wellness, sense of community, and academic success.



We believe…

  • in the power of arts integrated learning and emotional exploration to provide a safe foundation from which to engage with the world.
  • that creating a safe emotional environment is essential for developing resilience, empathy, and a secure sense of self. 
  • in developing love and appreciation for the arts and classical music through live performance and collaborative education. 
  • in creating a diverse and inclusive space for all.



Lyrica Baroque aims to expand access to arts education through school-based social emotional learning (SEL) support programs centered in chamber music. After decades of dwindling funding for arts education, there has been a resurgence of the arts movement and its key role in schools and childhood development. At the same time, social emotional learning has emerged as an educational priority by researchers and school leaders amidst high incidences of stress, anxiety and trauma, conflated by a lack of mental health school supports—and our children are bearing the brunt of this crisis. For New Orleans students, who are disparately impacted by the interconnected racial, economic, healthcare and environmental injustices—mental health school supports are more important than ever. 

The emphasis of SEL in K-12 settings, coupled with the near absence of classical music education calls for a comprehensive tool that leverages artistic expression and SEL skill building to restore and revitalize classroom education, and enrich the lives of children as they navigate a complex social world and traumatic life events—especially post-COVID. Lyrica Baroque is working to fill this gap in social, emotional, and behavioral health supports in schools through our arts-integrated, SEL program. We are partnering with New Orleans-based nonprofit, KID smART, to develop a curricula adaptation of KID smART’s With Feeling curriculum that integrates chamber music as a core component.



Benjamin Atherholt

Jaren Atherholt

Trenton Thomas

Mia Rotondo

Stephanie Heriger



  • Trenton Thomas
    T-Ray Productions
  • Benjamin Atherholt
    Lyrica Baroque
  • Elise Goldman
    Executive Director, KID smART
  • Mia Rotondo
    Teaching Artist, KID smART
  • Stephanie Heriger
    Program Manager, KID smART
  • Matthew Daniel
    Technical Writing, New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School
  • Maurya W. Glaude
    PhD, MSW, LCSW, Tulane School of Social Work
  • Brittany Lindsey
    Owner Master Minds Private Tutoring
  • Tiffany Lewis
    English Teacher, Benjamin Franklin High School
  • Welbie Prinston Tabet
    MT-BC, Music Therapist
  • Becca Stone and Molly Guinan
    Crescent City Music Therapy